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Kelly Moore is a certified QuantecPro practitioner offering holistic well-being services. Leveraging the cutting-edge QUANTEC ® biocommunication system, helping her clients detect and harmonize vibrational dis-harmonies in their physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual fields. Start your journey to wellness and experience radical, sustainable changes to improve your well-being.

Our services offer holistic wellness solutions for all types of physical, emotional, and psychological concerns. From fibromyalgia to phobias, anxiety to postpartum, Kelly is also recommended for chronic, degenerative, and autoimmune disease, infertility, allergies, and even weight loss—all of which can be addressed with sessions done distantly.

QuantecPro AXXYXX is the perfect resource for adults and children, as well as our beloved pets.


QuantecPro AXXYXX offers a wide range of services to help you reach your goals. Kelly is a passionate Wellness professional using AXXYXX to help clients create and maintain healthier minds and bodies. Our team offers personalized guidance throughout the process. Her services draw from a range of scientific evidence-based practices to provide comprehensive support tailored to everyone’s unique needs.

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Health Assessment Report

Our Health Assessment Report is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your health and wellness. Our service includes an AXXYXX scan, a review of your results, and a detailed report. We offer this service for a one-time fee of only $50, take advantage of our 3-month package for $450 or our

6-month package for $720.

Get the personalized health assessment you need today!


AXXYXX- Full Health Treatment

QuantecPro AXXYXX- Full Health Treatment is an ideal option for those looking for a comprehensive, long-term wellness plan. Offering a comprehensive wellness service that includes an AXXYXX scan to identify imbalances in your body, three months of transmission treatments to help restore balance, a consultation to discuss your results and two follow-up visits with Sam Poitras, a registered natural health practitioner, to help you achieve and maintain your wellness goals. With updated scan reports after each visit, you can track your progress and be assured you're on the right path to optimal health.


Our full treatment package is available for either $777 for a 3-month period, or for $222 per month if you require treatment for longer than 3 months. With QuantecPro AXXYXX, you'll be able to take control of your health and get the most out of your journey to wellness.



QuantecPro - Pets offers a comprehensive wellness service that includes an AXXYXX scan, in-depth analysis, and a detailed report for just $50. For those looking for a longer-term solution, we also offer a 3 month and 6 month packages for $450 and $720.

With QuantecPro, you can rest assured that your pet's health is in the best of hands.

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A high-tech German system (hardware and software) that is one of the most advanced therapies available today. This has been developed for over 30 years in Europe, receiving millions of euros in investment to reach the current version, known as AXXYXX®. Supported by scientific research and several empirical experiments, including important research in Brazil that proves the effectiveness of the equipment for health. See the publication in the scientific journal COGNITIONIS here


AXXYXX® won the Gold Medal for best innovation in the health advancement sector for patient trials in Moscow and Odessa. Documenting the potential for health advancement, it has also been tested and approved at Princeton University in the United States and field tested by the University of Freiburg in Germany.


Invented by German researcher Peter Raphael Von Buengner it is based in quantum physics and is applied to instrumental bio communication. Using a white noise diode and a highly intelligent software system, for comparative analysis of client’s information, with a database that includes over 110 thousand therapeutic resources for a personalized treatment with the highest degree of specificity. It can harmonize people, relationships, pets, business, real estate sales, food crops and more.


The white noise diode accesses information from the client’s subconscious and performs an analysis of frequencies that are out of balance in the physical, behavioral, environmental, emotional and spiritual aspects. This is a serious treatment that requires the conscious commitment from the patient in the behavioral sense and willingness to act on what the individual report finds. AXXYXX®  is a powerful tool that helps to resolve problems from their root causes, at a much deeper level than the usual treatments that only combat symptoms. 

AXXYXX® provides benefits such as:

- Prevention and harmonizing of physical, emotional and mental illnesses

- Psychosomatic causes of physical illnesses

- Correction of psychosomatic causes of disorders such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and more

- Contributes effectively with dental treatments, addressing the psychosomatic causes

- Acts as an emergency in any situation or critical case in which the person needs help, as an ally

- Prevents and combats psychosomatic illnesses in animals of all sizes

- Prevents and combats pests with farming

- Harmonizes home and business environments for more harmonious flows of energy and prosperity

- Acts as a therapy to combat altitude sickness, cancer, and other diseases

- Provides well-being to the individual

- Working with physical, mental, emotional, professional, family issues, in addition to helping with projects, travel, business prosperity, increasing the chances of success in competitions, exams, goals, personal goals and adjusting life in general to make things happen in a more fluid manner.


The greatest contribution of instrumental bio-communication therapy is the of treating the individual by directly addressing the cause of their problems.  With the advantage of being a safe and effective process even at a distance (for radionics, there are no distances) and not limited to just body balance and vitality. Providing the ability to go much deeper, even managing limiting beliefs, or intense spiritual situations.


The result? We gain a powerful ally to amplify our mental, emotional and even spiritual vitality.  Preventing the free radicals of human ailments from becoming serious barriers that compromise our well-being, in addition to achieving more success and satisfaction by aligning ourselves with what is rightfully our divine higher self.

How does it work?


This equipment is based in quantum physics using the principle of morphic field information, identifying the specific electromagnetic frequency of each target. An electronic component of quantum technology is responsible for making this reading, called a White Noise Diode.  This element is particularly studied in robotics for its ability to serve as an interface between the machine and other forms of consciousness. The White Noise Diode talks to the targeted individual or collective subconscious.

After scanning the target, the analysis is processed and interpreted by a modern, state-of-the-art computerized system.  It compares the results with a database with values ​​corresponding to the “normality” pattern. Identifying the difference between these patterns and their origin, a treatment consisting of sending specific frequencies to cells, organs, systems or emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual fields is proposed.  Then they can return to a healthy frequency level.


AXXYXX® is not intended to replace traditional medicine and treatments. Quantum therapy should be seen as a complementary therapeutic tool that acts on energy disturbances that trigger symptoms; whether they are related to our thoughts, feelings or even our spiritual situation. Naturally, when the cause is resolved, the result is reflected in the physical or practical life of the being. 

You can be assured that our therapists, directly accredited with the manufacturer's representative, keep daily monitoring of all treatments through the "butler" feature, which constantly monitors whether or not the client needs any frequent changes, enabling a more constant fine adjustment in each emanation package, always within what QUANTEC recommends as appropriate.

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